1.12.16 – Bernie, Baywatch, Fannie Mae, and @KurtSchlichter

I had to start out with the good news/bad news of the morning. Good news: MoveOn.org has come out supporting Bernie and there’s going to be a Baywatch movie. Bad news: Wine labels are lying to us and Fannie Mae just launched a new loan program that is going to end BADLY.

And then there was Kurt Schlichter – who was able to manage to take a clear position on a couple of topics WHILE following FCC language guidelines!

Listen to today’s show here:

Kurt and I discussed his most recent two op/eds:

  1. Via Townhall – President Trump: Taking The Donald Seriously – Although Kurt’s definitely NOT a Trumpaloompa, there are good reasons to think that he might win the GOP nomination. And that he might win the whole thing, too.
  2. Via IJReview – Lena Dunham Just Taught Conservatives An Important Lesson About Millennials And Hillary Clinton – Kurt destroyed the unbelievable dipshittery behind this comment from Dunham and Hillary’s candidacy:

“While Hillary Clinton’s anatomy is not the reason I’m voting for her, there’s nothing that would send a stronger message to this country, and to the world at large than sending a competent, strong, essential woman to the highest office. She has survived horrific and totally gendered attacks on every aspect of her character with unimaginable dignity and aplomb”

Other topics:

  1. Bernie just obtained the critically-important endorsement of the radical left-wing MoveOn.org.
  2. Baywatch!
  3. Your wine bottle’s label is LYING to you
  4. A new taxpayer and real estate market-threatening FNMA loan program
  5. Hillary’s growing FBI problem (which Schlichter thinks will go NOWHERE)

Thank you for reading and listening.

Tomorrow’s show guest: the great @SooperMexican

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