1.13.16 – SOTU and @SooperMexican

I was going to totally ignore the President’s State of the DisUnion speech, but I couldn’t help it. But of course, I had to start out the show with the biggest good/bad news stories of the day: the Chargers are staying in San Diego (for now) and One Direction’s temporary hiatus has now become permanent.

SooperMexican was my guest for the second half hour – and did NOT disappoint. His perspective is unique and definitely worth contemplating.

Here’s the show archive:

Soop and I did NOT get around to his two most recent RedState articles, as we ran out of time, but they’re must reads:

  1. Kathleen Parker tries to smear Ted Cruz but just exposes her breathtaking ignorance on religion
  2. Authorities covered up a Muslim immigrant rape mob in Sweden too

Other topics:

  1. Iran released the hostages and the Obama administration issued an apology
  2. It’s now going to be the Los Angeles Rams and MIGHT be the Los Angeles Chargers or Raiders.
  3. One Direction: splitting
  4. Compete text of Obama’s SOTU
  5. 8 charts that tell a different story than the one the President tried to sell
  6. Frank Luntz’s SOTU-watching panel had very strong opinion about a few of the things that Obama said
  7. Ben Howe’s compelling counter-Schlichter argument: he’d rather work a phone bank for Hillary than vote for the Donald.

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Tomorrow’s show guest: Peabody award-winning international film and television star Nick Searcy

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