1.15.16 – GOP Debate, Drunk Driving, and More

Of COURSE I had to discuss the debate. Quick summary:

  1. Didn’t change my opinion on any of the candidates
  2. My very tentative order of preference: Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Trump, Kasich, Bush

I had 2 great guests today:

  1. Mason Weaver – he is holding a Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday celebration in the St. Louis, MO area on Saturday evening – like-minded conservatives celebrating common shared values.
  2. Show sponsor Dan Chambers – we discussed a new proposed law change that would lower the national legal blood alcohol limit for drivers from .08 to .05. We also discussed what one should do if they’re pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Listen to the show here:

Other topics:

  1. The GOP debate
  2. My favorite part: the “Bring back Rand!” chants
  3. VERY good news: Big free speech regulations were hidden in the disgustingly huge omnibus bill passed in December
  4. The NTSB’s new blood alcohol proposal
  5. Chipotle is going to close ALL of their stores for a bit in February – because people keep getting SICK
  6. Planned Parenthood is going to sue the Center for Medical Progress

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Monday’s guest: author and commentator Michael Walsh

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