1.18.16 – Dem Debate and Guest Michael Walsh

Did you happen to catch the debate? 2 candidates and some other guy tried to one-up each others’ “I will go after the rich more!” narrative. It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to watch. Suffice it to say, none of them will be getting my support.

My guest for the day: Writer and commentator Michael Walsh. We did NOT get to discussing several of the topics we had at the ready, but we did talk about his PJ article on the massive impact that the hordes of immigrants are having on Europe.

We also did not get to his must-read book:Walsh Book

Listen to the show here:

Other topics:

  1. Football: Broncos VS Patriots and Cardinals VS Panthers next weekend
  2. Norm of the North is a DREADFUL movie
  3. The Martian is FANTASTIC
  4. Iran is ALSO getting an additional $1.7 billion from us
  5. Luis Gutierrez is a LYING LEFTY HACK:
  6. The Democrat debate (neatly summarized by my friend Leigh Scott‘s Facebook timeline)
  7. My two favorite bits, starring H-Rod:

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Tomorrow’s superstar guest: Evan Sayet

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