1.20.16 – Ethanol, Donald, Ted, Sarah, and @SunnyLohmann

Lots of politics today. But I DID manage to start out with some good news – the Supreme Court is going to hear arguments about the President’s executive amnesty overreach – which is awesome.

My guest today was comedian, commentator, writer, and YouTuber Sunny Lohmann. We talked Objectivism, Ayn Rand, white guilt, and free speech.

Here’s a great example of her work:

Listen to the entire show here:

Other topics:

  1. Good news: the SCOTUS is going to consider Obama’s executive amnesty overreach
  2. Dr. Thomas Sowell: “What Are Elections For?
  3. Sarah Palin became a Trumpaloompa yesterday
  4. Ethanol: the crony capitalist big government boondoggle that imposes a significant cost on gasoline that all Americans pay for
  5. Donald Trump not only is an ethanol supporter, he wants to INCREASE the requirement
  6. Trump’s bashing of Ted Cruz over pushing back against squishy RINO Republican leaders belies his “I’m anti-establishment” narrative
  7. A Portland college is teaching how to be a properly self-loathing white
  8. Facebook’s new anti-free speech policy is stunningly Orwellian in its terminology
  9. Watching cute animal videos IMPROVES productivity

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Tomorrow’s rockstar guest: MRCtv’s Dan Joseph!

Here’s an example of Joseph’s great work:

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