1.21.16 – Some Good News, Dole, Hillary, Trump, and Guest Dan Joseph

Despite the dramatic weather (crippling snow in the East and drizzly rain here in Newport Beach), the show was a smashing and entertaining success! Also, I can still report that Don Henley is STILL alive.

My guest today was MRCtv’s Dan Joseph – peas in a political pod, we had a great time talking about weather and the 2016 Presidential campaign. It seems to me that Joseph STILL has withheld his support from both Trump and Clinton, although I will continue to watch his Facebook feed to see if that changes.

Here is the hilarious interaction between Joseph and Tingles Matthews that I mentioned during the intro:

As an added bonus, Dan and I did a couple of videos together:

Here’s the complete audio of today’s show:
Other topics:

  1. Good news: British special forces don burkas to put themselves in a position to take out a bunch of Islamic State Jihadis in Syria
  2. Good news: Whoopi may leave the country if Trump is electedwhoopi
  3. DC local politicians successfully keep Walmart from brining their low-priced goods-selling evil into the economically destroyed 7th Ward
  4. Donald Trump describes Ted Cruz as worse than Hillary Clinton:
  5. GOP loser Bob Dole explains why he doesn’t like Ted Cruz (inadvertently revealing exactly why some conservatives LOVED Ted Cruz
  6. Tucker Carlson points out how uncomfortable Donald Trump seemed during Sarah Palin’s crazy endorsement speech
  7. Hillary blames her most recent email scandal information on a vast right-wing conspiracy
  8. Bernie Sander’s tax plan: guaranteed to bring the economy to a halt – while REALLY sticking it to the EVIL rich

Thank you for listening and reading!

Tomorrow’s superstar guest: Andrew Klavan

Here’s a little flavor of Klavan’s genius:

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