1.22.16 – Nat’l Review and Trump, Guests Christian Bladt and Andrew Klavan

A packed-full week-ending show. I could’ve spent an hour just talking through the points made in National Review‘s “Conservatives Against Trump” article. I probably should have spent less time than I did talking to the show’s exec producer Christian Bladt (whose Bladtcast is a must-listen) – I had no idea that he’d spend the whole time making fun of me. I’m certain that my mom is furious.

Andrew Klavan was my guest through the second half of the show and we definitely could have had another 90 minutes of interesting and stimulating conversation. At least. Basically ignoring the current political scene, we spoke mostly of the challenges of being an outspoken conservative in the entertainment business. A Scylla and Charybdis challenge that he’s obviously negotiated through with GREAT success.

I’ve had the fortunate experience of getting to know Andrew in real life over the last few years and I can attest he is as gracious and insightful in person as he is on air and in his videos. He also drives an Audi, as do I, which also says wonderful things about him, as well.

Listen to the show here:

Other topics:

  1. Porsche just announced a new limited-release 911:911R
  2. Townhall just published my incredibly sarcastic open letter to the city leaders in DC whose economic justice and leftist crusade caused Walmart to back out of its plan to open two stores in a depressed area of the city:Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.16.09 AM
  3. Conservatives Against Trump – regardless of whether or not you support Donald Trump (or even if you’re not a conservative, these short essays are must-reads)
  4. Adam Baldwin and Don Cheadle got into a very heated and interesting exchange on Twitter over the #OscarsSoBlack frabbajabba

Not from the show, but I felt it critical to post my results here:Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 8.35.36 AM

Monday’s guest: Writer and gun-rights activist John R Lott, Jr.

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