1.25.16 – Govt SHUTDOWN, Super Bowl, Thomas Sowell, and Guest John R Lott Jr

There was SO much to talk about, I had to resist the temptation to extend the show by 3 hours. Certainly, everyone is grateful for that.

2 guests today:

Firstly, excellent show sponsor Dave Coen of College Planning America spent a few minutes discussing the importance of financial planning for college. It is NOT as simple as putting money in a savings account – there are multiple avenues for readying for these expenses and colleges (and the Federal government) do NOT treat them the same.

College Planning America

Secondly, renowned economist and writer John R Lott Jr. and I talked guns. Despite the Obama administration’s claims about the efficacy of background checks, there are significant issues with the program. Furthermore, they’ve just made some changes that will result in even more problems. We also talked about how many of the proposed gun control restrictions – such as for “assault”-style and semi-automatic weapons aren’t just symbolic, but they’re actually harmful to lawful gun owners.

Protip: If you have NOT read “More Guns Less Crime,” you absolutely need to do that right now. The well-supported and documented case it makes for the essentiality of firearms for self-defense – and reducing violent crime – is information you need to know.


Listen to the entire show here:

Other topics:

  1. The horror: Federal Government offices will remain closed ALL DAY TODAY.
  2. Super Bowl 50: the Broncos and the Panthers
  3. Olympic transgender rules change: you’ve certainly been worried about this and the IOC has confronted the issues head on
  4. Dr. Thomas Sowell asks a brilliant question: “Does Emotion Trump Facts?”
  5. But George Will wonders if it is too little, too late

Thank you for listening and reading!

Tomorrow’s guest: Conservative film and culture critic Christian Toto

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