10.19 #HausRules – Narcos Review, Polling, and DNC Campaign Chicanery with HausGuests David Shestokas and Trevor Loudon

There was SO not enough time to adequately cover everything that is going on right now. But that which was covered, was excellently done (due in overwhelming large part to my two excellent HausGuests).

Listen to the entire show here:Listen to “#HausRules – 10.19.16” on Spreaker.

Constitutional Sound Bites – David Shestokas

David and I basically covered one topic – the Constitution’s provisions for presidential impeachment. It obviously has current relevance (Hillary), recent relevance (her husband), and historical relevance (Nixon and Johnson).

Buy the book here:Constitutional Sound Bites
Listen to the isolated segment here:Listen to “Constitutional Sound Bites” on Spreaker.

HausGuest – Trevor Loudon

Trevor has just turned his “The Enemies Within” book into a documentary. The premise is simple and staggering: communists, socialists, and radical leftists have significantly infiltrated the government. And its effects have been (and will continue to be) devastating.

As a foreigner (New Zealander) incredibly interested in the economic, military, and political health of the United States, Trevor has devoted massive time and energy into investigating and reporting on the threats to our country’s liberty and strength.

Watch the documentary’s trailer here:

Buy it here:

Other Topics

  1. I just finished season 2 of Narcos. It’s AMAZING.narcos_main
  2. New polling information is NOT good for Trump:trump-poll
  3. The 3rd and final presidential debate is tonight – 6pm CA time.
  4. James O’Keefe just published a video proving astonishingly dirty and illegal campaign tactics on behalf of the Democrats:screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-8-33-35-am
  5. And one of the main subjects (also referred to in BOTH HausGuest segments) visited the White House 342 times in the last 7 years:screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-8-34-49-am

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Tomorrow’s HausGuest – Ben Howe

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