11.11 #HausRules – More Election Stuff and HausGuests Dave Coen and Christian Toto

Two great HausGuests talking about two entirely different aspect of the election made this a VERY notable show today: Listen to “#HausRules – 11.11.16” on Spreaker.

Dave Coen of College Planning America

Dave and I spent 0% of our time talking about college planning. Instead, given his background of growing up in South Africa and having only been here in the U.S. for 16 years, we talked about what REAL political oppression and racism looks like. And the consequences of elections in that context. It was an INCREDIBLY interesting conversation…

Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto

One of the thrilling and entertaining aspects of Hillary Clinton’s defeat is the massive amount of whining and crying that is coming from Hollywood. So many of the celebrities in Hollywood, who boldly promised to leave the country should Trump win, are filling their view-property infinity pools with crocodile tears. It’s delicious. Christian and I discussed a few of them and what they’ve said in the wake of the election.

We also talked about a couple of movies:

  • Hacksaw Ridge: Mel Gibson’s movie about a medic in WW2 –> powerful and wonderful movie.
  • Dr. Strange: Marvel’s latest –> very different and good, with a great use of humor.
  • Arrival: sci-fi movie that’s thoughtful (especially the 3rd act) but unfortunately falls short.

Listen to the isolated segment with Christian here: Listen to “Hollywood in Toto” on Spreaker.

Other Topics

  1. This is the best headline of the week: screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-9-43-19-am
  2. For leftist progressives, Maya Angelou is poet to their soul. Here are 11 quotes to help them in this difficult time: screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-9-56-52-am

Here’s the text of David Burge’s Twitter rant

Extended whiskey-fueled thoughts coming up, so feel free to unfollow/mute/block.

The problem isn’t Trump, or Clinton, or Obama. The problem is a Leviathan omnipresent centralized government in DC.
 People in SF don’t want to be ruled by stump-toothed hillbillies, and people in Kentucky don’t want to be ruled by bathhouse pervs. Okay.

Right now, both of them feel threatened by a sinister distant colonial force they can’t comprehend.
 The answer to all this is not a perpetual conflict on who gets control over the levers of colonial power.

The answer, oddly enough, comes from the original intent of the founders – state-level self determination.
 If California or Oregon wants to have legalized weed and high-speed rail, then bully for them. It’s none of Alabama’s business.

And if Oklahoma wants to have voter ID and cut welfare benefits, bully for them. It’s none of Vermont’s business.
 The idea of America is that localities are laboratories, and they should be free to enjoy or suffer the consequences of their decisions.

Instead, what we have now is the great God Baal, the Sacred City on the Potomac, who deigns to rule 320 million diverse people.
 As a consequence, we have an unending cycle of revolutions and revenge porn against whoever was in control of DC last.

Here’s a fucking thought: Let Californians decide what works for California, let Texas decide what works for Texas, and the rest of you STFU
. But feel free, when the shit hits the fan, to vote with your feet. As long as you remember why you did. I know I do.

Instead we have “non profits” from CT filing lawsuits against charter schools in Louisiana. This is fucking insane.

But no, we all have the most deeply held convictions that if not for us, we’d see the return of slavery and/or mandatory child molestation.

Here’s the deal: you are not the savior of Mississippi, and you are not the savior of Detroit, The people there determine that.

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