11.15 – The Forgotten Bill Clinton, Hillary’s Champagne, Ben Sasse’s Uber, and HausGuest Yale Professor Steve Pincus

You can tell that I had a LOT of fun this morning, a large part of due to the incredibly interesting book that was just released by today’s HausGuest, Yale history professor Steven Pincus.

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HausGuest – Steve Pincus

Steve is the Bradford Durfee Professor of History at Yale University, where he specializes in 17th- and 18th-century British and European history. He is also the Chair of Yale’s Council on European Studies.

This is the book we discussed, The Heart of the Declaration – the Founders Case for an Activist Government: 51zewjsrvkl-_sx331_bo1204203200_

Here’s the summary:
“From one election cycle to the next, a defining question continues to divide the country’s political parties: Should the government play a major or a minor role in the lives of American citizens? The Declaration of Independence has long been invoked as a philosophical treatise in favor of limited government. Yet the bulk of the document is a discussion of policy, in which the Founders outlined the failures of the British imperial government. Above all, they declared, the British state since 1760 had done too little to promote the prosperity of its American subjects.

Looking beyond the Declaration’s frequently cited opening paragraphs, Steve Pincus reveals how the document is actually a blueprint for a government with extensive powers to promote and protect the people’s welfare. By examining the Declaration in the context of British imperial debates, Pincus offers a nuanced portrait of the Founders’ intentions with profound political implications for today.”

We had an INCREDIBLY interesting discussion and I can’t wait to get further into the book!

Other Topics

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