12.5 #HausRules – Schadenfreude, Trumps Wins & Fails, and HausGuest Mike Gonzalez of @Heritage

For various reasons, lots to laugh about this morning. It was a VERY fun show with a terrific HausGuest!

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HausGuest – Mike Gonzalez

{NOTE: Mike was supposed to have been on the show this past Friday but wires were crossed. Also, he called in DURING the show to confirm - I elected to let that call occur LIVE during the broadcast but forgot to enable HIS audio on the feed. I thought it was funny at the time. Now I'm not so sure. LOL}

Here’s a part of Mike’s VERY impressive bio via his Heritage Foundation author page:

Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, spent close to 20 years as a journalist, 15 of them reporting from Europe, Asia and Latin America. He left journalism to join the administration of President George W. Bush, where he was speechwriter for Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox before moving on to the State Department’s European Bureau, where he wrote speeches and Op-Eds.

Gonzalez, who joined Heritage as Vice President of Communications in March 2009, became a senior research fellow in June, 2014. In his new capacity he has written on Hong Kong, China and Latin America.

Gonzalez was born in Cuba and left at age 12 in 1972. He also has lived in Belgium, France, Spain, Hong Kong and South Korea and has spent months living in and reporting from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Panama and Cyprus, among others.

After talking a bit about Christopher Cox (my old Congressman, before he took a job in the Bush admin), we talked primarily about Fidel and Cuba.

Here are his latest three must-read pieces:

Other Topics

  1. Here’s a GREAT piece on the Carrier dealscreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-10-36-am
  2. Mike Pence doubled-down on it:screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-8-26-13-am
  3. Ryan – “I think he understands there’s a Constitution”:screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-13-04-am
  4. The PERFECT metaphor:

  5. You’ve got to be kidding:screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-10-06-am
  6. Another consequence of Trump’s win – sex will be less fun:screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-11-20-am
  7. Alec Baldwin is still losing his mind:screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-13-02-am
  8. So has Madonna:screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-14-20-am
  9. And Schlichter is LOVING the schadenfreude:screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-15-55-am
  10. On Black Friday, Americans bought more guns than there are active Marines:screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-19-24-am

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