2.8.16 – GOP Debate, Bernie, Super Bowl, and Larry O’Connor (Live From New Hampshire)

For those paying particularly close attention, the show’s computer system was up and running – so in addition to having ads (the College Planning America jingle has been much-missed by many) and other audio available, I was able to have a guest for the first time in 4 days.

Larry O’Connor called in from New Hampshire – where he was walking along the street with Scottie Nell Hughes:Larry and Scottie Nell

While he was on the air talking about the New Hampshire primary and other fun stuff, he ran into Mika Brzezinski. Scottie took the picture used above on the headline pic. As you can imagine, it was a great time with a total pro.

Listen to the show here:

Show Topics:

      1. Congrats to the Broncos
      2. Doritos commercial slammed by crazy pro-abortion National Abortion Rights Action League:Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.08.50 PM
      3. Maybe pot will help with football concussion/head injuries?
      4. The best symbolic representation of Bernie’s economic ideas is this video:
      5. Sabo totally punked the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Bernie Sanders concert:Bernie poster
      6. Your feelings about the $110 million sale of a Hamptons estate is a good predictor if you’re feeling the Bern…
      7. Trump’s 8 crazy-assed lawsuits in the last few years

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Tomorrow’s guest: Capitalist Pig‘s Jonathan Hoenig!

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