2.1.16 – Iowa (Lots of Iowa), Hillary Email Scandal Continues, and a MAJOR VA Screwup

Unfortunately, my much-anticipated segment with Dan Bongino was rescheduled at the last minute. Dan will show up on #HausRules next week.

I did notice that at the bottom of the hour, when I announced that he had to postpone for the day, my numbers didn’t drop AT ALL. Which was nice. So thank you for that!

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Show topics:

  1. Donald confused the communion plate with an offering plate on Sunday morning
  2. Quinnipiac and the Des Moines Register both show Trump leading the pack in Iowa
  3. Ted Cruz’s latest mailer was an unfortunate attempt at vote shaming; Rubio did something similar:CZ8PctBUUAA2hMf
  4. Gallup just showed a record breaking result for Donald — the highest negative for a candidate since they’ve been keeping track of such a statistic
  5. Hillary says that her email scandal is just a GOP smokescreen and no one cares about it as she never sent anything “marked classified” – and we all know she is a full-on liar
  6. VA scandal: the head of the MN VA swindled over $100,000 by gaming their bonus system and just got reinstated despite overwhelming proof that she’s a dirtbag

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Tomorrow’s guest: Jon Gabriel

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