2.15.16 – Kanye, Antonin Scalia, GOP Debate, and Guest Caleb Howe

Obviously, Kanye’s Twitter feed dominated today’s show, as little else is going on:

18.5 million followers, folks. #ThisIsNotAmerica

Listen to the entire show here:

During the second half of the show, focused back here in reality, the distressingly sad death of Antonin Scalia and its impact on the Supreme Court was the primary topic of my conversation with my guest, Caleb Howe.Caleb and Obama

Yesterday Caleb published an excellent article about the late Justice. Definitely read it.

We also talked about the GOP debate, wherein Donald Trump went FULL Democrat talking points about 9.11 and George W. Bush. Caleb nicely covered this meltdown on RedState.

Other topics:

  1. Scalia’s death, the fairly odd circumstances surrounding it, and the lack of an autopsy has raised some eyebrows
  2. Cries of “Obstructionist!” by leftists over the GOP blocking Obama’s upcoming SCOTUS nominee are absurd
  3. CBS’ poll shows Marco to be the GOP debate winner

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I’ll be back tomorrow with Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel.

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