2.16.16 – Grammy’s, Better Call Saul, Politics, and Guest Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel

Boatloads of topics today AND a rockstar guest. I promise, you will REALLY get your money’s worth today.

Listen to the entire show here:

Jon Gabriel (definitely follow him on Twitter), the summa cum laude-earning journalism school graduate and former nuclear submarine Navy veteran, is the editor of Ricochet. He is wicked smart and hilarious. Like me, he is also a child of the 80s and so his cultural references perfectly resonate. We started talking about the conservative revolution that has occurred within state governments over the last few cycles and then moved on to Donald Trump. We concluded talking about the potential for increased roles for women in the armed forces.

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You’ll certainly agree it was a KILLER segment and that Jon’s a total pro.

Other show topics:

  1. A must-see movie: “EverestScreen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.28.20 AM
  2. Season opener: “Better Call Saulbetter call Saul
  3. Taylor Swift was the big Grammy winner and Gary Sinise gave a cool patriotic message (which you just KNOW made heads explode)
  4. 25% of men over 85 have sex at least once a year; but only 10% of similarly-aged women do…
  5. Hannity had George (Ferris) AND Jeb (Cameron) Bush on his show; he also had Dick Cheney (fundamentally serious man) on, as well
  6. Hillary barked:
  7. Trump revealed that although he’d want his sister on the Supreme Court, he’s utterly uninterested in what she thinks or believes
  8. Chick-Fil-A put all their locations’ flags at half-mast to honor Antonin Scalia
  9. If Facebook likes were votes, Ben Carson would be winning
  10. U.S. Special Forces are having some challenges figuring out how to integrate women into their elite units

Thank you SO MUCH for reading and listening!

Tomorrow’s ROCK STAR guest: Ann-Marie Murrell of The Politichicks

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