2.18.16 – Telemarketing robot, AZ PSA, Hillary’s accent, SCOTUS, Israel, and Bob Siegel

PSA for Arizona Residents: In-home potluck dinners are strictly forbidden as they are out of compliance with current food and health regulations.

Best invention of the week: a robot that takes telemarketing calls and wastes their time.shutterstock_92521966

REALLY fact-filled show with a great guest – listen to it here:

Bob Siegel, an author, commentator, and radio host from San Diego was my guest. As expected, he was fantastic and it was a privilege to have him on the show.

bob Siegel

Not only did we talk electoral politics, we also briefly discussed his new book (along with the topic of time-travel, which is a theme within):ptwa

Other topics:

  1. Hillary caught YET AGAIN making up an accent (a Blackcent – as pointed out in the chatroom today

  2. Ted Cruz just overtook Donald Trump in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of likely GOP voters
  3. SC Governor Nikki Haley just endorsed Marco Rubio
  4. Donald Trump will be “neutral” on the Israel/Palestine conflict
  5. MSNBC’s Joy Reid explains why Obama is getting pushback on a Supreme Court nominee… (wait for it…): he’s black and Republicans don’t like that
  6. Obama tries to explain why his attempted filibuster of Samuel Alito was TOTALLY different than the Republicans blocking his pending SCOTUS nominee
  7. The White House had its own spin, too: “The President regrets that approach…”

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Tomorrow’s guest: Ace of Spades HQ Twitter rockstar John Ekdahl

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