2.22.16 – FerrisFest, SC and NV, Danny Glover, Donald Trump, and Guest Victoria Taft

It is VERY easy to get up and on the air on Monday mornings – the weekend is always chock-full of all kinds of goings on. Inevitably, I did NOT get to everything I’d intended to cover. So that will be the plan (for now!), for Tuesday’s show.

Listen to today’s show here:

My guest today was the wonderful Victoria Taft – also a resident of coastal Orange County. We primarily discussed the election and Donald Trump. For more information about Victoria and her background, click HERE!

Victoria Taft

She TOTALLY classed up the show today and was the PERFECT rockstar guest.

Show Topics:

  1. I saw three movies this weekend: The Intern (meh), Straight Outta Compton (liked it), and Love the Coopers (hated it so very much)
  2. Yay!!!! Kim Kardashian just shared a photo of 3-month old Saint West
  3. FerrisFest is coming to Chicago in May!
  4. Despite a VERY narrow loss in Nevada, Bernie has a tough road to the nomination
  5. Danny Glover opened a rally for Bernie Sanders. It’s hilarious:
  6. Donald won in South Carolina, although he didn’t do as well as the advance polling predictedScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.50.03 AM
  7. He’s also leading in a couple of other polls as well: most unfair campaign and unlikeability
  8. Here are 11 reasons why I am NOT a fan of the Donald
  9. He is now suggesting the Rubio may not be eligible to be President, either

Thank you so much for listening and reading!

Tomorrow’s guest: RedState’s Ben Howe

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