2.23.16 – Squat Cobbler, Biden, Koch, and Guest Ben Howe

To me this seemed to be the shortest show yet – due in no small part to my rockstar guest, Ben Howe. There’s just way to much to talk about to try and squeeze it in to 60 minutes.

But we tried. And I think you’ll agree that we were extraordinarily successful.

Listen to the show here:

Sub theme of the day: #BaldIsBeautifulScreen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.25.30 AM


  1. Better Call Saul – episode 2. Perfection. As always, Alan Sepinwall’s recap is a must-read
  2. Plugs Biden from 1992 – warning H.W. Bush to NOT nominate a SCOTUS justice, should the need arise:
  3. Clarence Thomas hasn’t asked a question from the bench in a DECADE
  4. The results are coming in about Seattle’s minimum wage experiment – and they’re NOT goodcity-employment
  5. Charles Koch agrees with Bernie Sanders on one important thing – although his solution is the polar opposite
  6. Trump calls out a heckler (awesome)
  7. Trump calls out an enemy (frightening):Trump heckler
  8. Jon Gabriel’s modest proposal: Cut Trump loose from the GOP

Thank you so much for listening and reading!

Tomorrow’s big-time guest: Stephen Kruiserkruiser

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