2.26.16 – GOP Debate, Taxes, and HausGuest Victor Davis Hanson

The show was dominated by the WHITE HOT and very entertaining GOP debate. For a change, Rubio and Cruz REALLY went after Donald and Trump was NOT pleased about it.

Listen to the entire show here:

My guest today was Victor Davis Hanson. A Fellow at the Hoover Institute, professor, historian, and prolific writer, Victor has long been one of my heroes and it was a massive privilege to have him on the show.

We began the segment talking about California’s mostly-self-imposed water shortage and the fantasy/liberal policies that caused it. We then discussed the GOP debate and its potential implications on the national race. We also touched a bit on how and why it is that hyper-leftist policies and visions are now so attractive to young Americans.

Key takeaway on the race: “Hillary will beat Donald Trump in a general election”

We did NOT have time to discuss his next book: “The Second World Wars: Why, Where, and How 60 Million Died.” It will be released early next year and we will endeavor to have him back on the show to discuss it in detail.

This is Victor’s most recent must-read book:41L74XD5pCL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_

Topic links:

  1. In an interview this morning, Marco Rubio called Donald Trump a “con man”:

  2. And he REALLY went after him during the debate
  3. Rubio’s campaign site is now selling this – and it’s hilarious:

  4. So did Ted Cruz
  5. Young Americans are LIBERAL
  6. The most recent information on the tax rates and levels paid by Americans is VERY distressing

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