3.1.16 – Super Tuesday, #NeverTrump Trend, and HausGuest Don Watkins on Income Inequality

Despite the quick nod to Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” due to a thread in the show’s chatroom, it was pretty much of an all-politics show. Because there is a TON going on.

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Don Watkins was my guest today and I was very excited about having him on. Firstly, he’s a Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute. And as a huge fan of Ayn Rand, this is a VERY big deal.

Secondly, the issue of income inequality has become a massive part of the current electoral narrative – especially on the Democrat side of the aisle – and Don has just co-written a book on this very issue:Equal is Unfair

He was a great guest and we had a VERY good chat.

Other topics:

  1. Al Gore LOVED Leo Dicaprio‘s climate change comments at the Oscars and Twitter responses decimated him
  2. Super Tuesday is a super big deal – with a huge chunk of Presidential delegates on the table
  3. A new national poll shows Hillary and Bernie trailing Rubio and Cruz, but beating Trump
  4. #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary pulls Adam Baldwin back on to Twitter
  5. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse published an open letter about why he will NEVER vote for Donald Trump
  6. Thomas Sowell just published an editorial encouraging voters to cast ballots against Trump, as well
  7. Harrison Bergeron – Kurt Vonnegut’s extremely short story, written in 1961, about what the world would look like is equality of result was governmentally enforced

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Tomorrow’s post-election recap guest: The Blaze‘s Jason Howerton

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