3.14.16 – Feelgood Story of the Weekend, Tuesday’s Primaries, TrumpbartNews, and HausGuest Christian Bladt

As per usual on a Monday morning, there was an incredible amount of news and information to get through. Much have that will have to be covered on Tuesday, as I ran out of time.

Listen to today’s week-opening show here:

Today’s guest was my executive producer, Christian Bladt! After an initial discussion about the harrowing trials of having a sick kiddo (poor Felix!), we then chatted about Christian’s newest project, The Tomorrow Show:

Also, make sure to check out Christian’s own BLADTCAST – he’s SO razor sharp, hilarious, and witty. Frankly, he’s so good and such a pro, I purposefully limit his exposure on the show to keep down the number of “Hey Haus, why don’t you just have Christian take over?” emails, tweets, and private messages.

Show topics & links:

  1. Feel-good story of the weekend: concealed-carrying customer shoots and kills axe-wielding robber in Seattle
  2. Turns out, the “Mid-Life Crisis” is NOT a thing
  3. Marco Rubio’s response to the Trump circus is SPOT on:
  4. Tuesday is a BIG primary day, with 367 delegates up for grabs:Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.03.09 AM
  5. Here’s how to vote if you do NOT want Trump:

  6. BIGTIME brouhaha at TrumpBreitbartNews. Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro just resigned in disgust

Thank you for reading and listening!

Bonus: Ben Shapiro’s video “Donald Trump is a LIAR”

Tomorrow’s guest: RageAgainstTheMedia founder Karen Siegemund!

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