3.15.16 – “Saul” Review, Today’s Primaries, the End of Capitalism, and Dr. Karen Siegemund

The big news today, of course, is the primaries in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri.

Here are the current polling numbers:

  • Florida: Trump 43%, Rubio 24%
  • North Carolina: Trump 41%, Cruz 29%
  • Ohio: Kasich 38%, Trump 34%
  • Illinois: Trump 36%, Cruz 30% (this is one to closely watch)
  • Missouri: Trump 36%, Cruz 29% (another one to watch)

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My great HausGuest today was Dr. Karen Siegemund, a friend here in SoCal and “reluctant” political activist. We discussed the psychology of the current Trump support and how it’s been so surprising to see some abandon their previously-stated conservative positions for the sake of winning. We also talked about the importance of principles and how a “victory at all costs” approach may do irreparable harm to both the country and the Republican party.

Rage - Karen

Just as I expected she would be, Karen was a GREAT guest.

Other show topics:

  1. Quick review of Monday night’s “Better Call Saul
  2. Hilarious new satire site: “Trumpbart.comScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.37.18 AM
  3. Hugh Hewitt’s genius comparison of the GOP primary to “Snatchsnatchfront
  4. Hillary wanted to know where Bernie was during her HillaryCare days – but he was RIGHT behind her:Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.41.08 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.53.12 AM
  5. Hillary ALSO asserted that the U.S. “didn’t lose a single person” in Libya – apparently forgetting all about Benghazi
  6. Thomas Sowell warns that we are “Voting at a Crossroads
  7. Ben Carson weirdly explains his endorsement of Donald Trump because it’s “only for four years”
  8. Anger moment: critics of Blackstone’s $6.5 billion hotel sale (including the Hotel Del Coronado) to a group of Chinese investors. Apparently, free-market capitalism is DEAD.

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Tomorrow’s HausGuest: Independent Journal Review’s Frank Camp

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