3.16.16 – Super Tuesday 2 and Frank Camp of Independent Journal Review

Quick summary:

  • Trump won. A lot. But he didn’t win a majority anywhere.
  • Kasich won. One. And he needs to drop out.
  • Rubio lost big. And bailed.
  • Hillary won. Everything.

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Today’s HausGuest was Frank Camp and my expectations were exceeded: he was a great guest to have on to discuss the results and impact of yesterday’s primaries.

His big concern about the primary process, given that as much of a Cruz supporter as he is, is that an open convention would result in a schism that would yield a Hillary President. As a result, he was very critical of Rubio and Kasich’s decision to remain in the race.

He sent me this article as a launching off point for the discussion, about what to hope for next:Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.39.50 AM

Other topics:

  1. Final results of the primaries
  2. Andrew Klavan: “I’m angry, so I’m voting for Donald Trump!”
  3. Donald Trump donated to CA attorney general and uber lefty Kamala Harris – the Queen of Sanctuary Cities
  4. Trump is going to pass on Monday’s Fox debate
  5. He also revealed whom is his go-to expert for foreign affairs: “I’m speaking with myself!”
  6. If there IS an open convention and  Trump doesn’t get the nod, he expects there to be “riots and other bad things”

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