3.24.16 – Pot, CA Min Wage, Trump, Obama, and Aliso Viejo Mayor Mike Munzing

We almost had a Trump-free show. Almost.

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Mike Munzing was my guest today. Mike owns a local mortgage finance company AND is the acting Mayor of Aliso Viejo, via his position on the city council.

Here’s his bio, from the city’s website:

“As a lifelong resident of Orange County, Mike has spent more than 30 years building a successful career covering both the real estate and mortgage industries. With the last 25 years focused on residential mortgage lending, he was quick to recognize the negative effects of government intervention in mortgage lending, which resulted in his refusal to participate in the subprime, stated income and Alt-A lending bonanza that swept the country throughout much of the last decade and lead to the world’s financial crisis in 2007.

In addition to Mike’s duties on Aliso Viejo’s City Council, he also serves as a Director for the 12th District of Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG); as a Regional Council member of Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG); and as an alternate member of the Aliso Creek Watershed.”

We primarily talked about the importance of being aware of local politics and how he went from being almost indifferent to active involvement in city, regional, and state political affairs.

He’s an extremely engaging and smart cat – you can definitely tell that we could have had an energetic conversation for an additional hour or two!

Other topics:

  1. Regular pot use causes significant reduction in social and professional performance, according to a recent study
  2. California nonsense: a $15 minimum wage is going to be on Novembers ballot
  3. Ted Cruz wants a one-on-one debate with Donald Trump
  4. While Trump is the person Americans most want to punch in the face:punch
  5. Obama says people should pick socialism or capitalism, based on what works for them
  6. American settlers TRIED socialism at first, but it TOTALLY failed:

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