3.25.16 – Melania and Heidi, House of Cards, and HausGuest Allan Bourdius

For the record: I do NOT believe the National Enquirer story. I think it’s a made up story to smear Cruz. I also don’t think Trump had any direct involvement in its publication.

There, I said it.

Listen to today’s GREAT show here:

My HausGuest today was Allan Bourdius. Allan is the co-founder of Vigilant Liberty Radio and hosts/co-hosts several radio shows. He’s also a contributor to HotAir.

I announced right up front that I was concerned that Allan and I would (1) not get to all the topics we’d prearranged and (2) we’d run out of time. And that’s exactly what happened.

We did talk about the oftentimes absurd interplay between religion in politics (unplanned topic) and the story about the adopted little girl who was ripped from her home due to very slight American-Indian ancestry (planned topic). We didn’t get to 4 others. LOL.

I think you’ll agree that he was a great guest and we had 2 terrific segments. Follow Allan on Twitter here: @AllanBourdius.

Other Topics:

  1. Ted Cruz responded to the question many are asking: “Why did it take you so long to attack Donald Trump?”
  2. He also said Trump was a “sniveling coward” for attacking his wife
  3. I’ve about completed binge-watching Season 4 of House of Cards – and it’s VERY entertaining, has a strong leftist tilt, and doesn’t have a single politician on screen that isn’t a lying deceiving douchebag
  4. The behind-the-scenes delegate moves in Louisiana – Cruz taking some from Trump – sounds JUST like something FROM HoC.
  5. Politicians or commentators who claim they’re on the side of the angels REALLY bug: Glenn Beck (real Christians shouldn’t vote for Trump) and Michelle Bachman (God sent the Brussels attack to embarrass Obama)

Thank you for reading and listening! See you Monday!!!

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