3.28.16 – ‘Bosch,’ ‘Deadpool,’ Pakistan Attacks, CA Min Wage, and HausGuest Derek Hunter

Yet AGAIN, the pallor of Islamist attacks covers the show. This time, a suicide bomber killed and injured almost 300 in a Christian-targeting attack at a park in Pakistan. Friend-of-show Sam Whitfield left a voicemail message about this, as well.

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My HausGuest this morning was radio host and writer Derek Hunter.

After a quick tour of the 80s alternative music scene (The Smiths, New Order, and Joy Division) and a movie recommendation for those so disposed (“24 Hour Party People“), we moved to a FAR more serious topic: global terrorism and the disturbing reaction by the West.

Derek’s most recent Townhall column specifically addressed the point:Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.11.55 PM

The key excerpt:

So ‘the world must unite?’ Is the world not already united? Has it not been united against terror since 9/11? Since Paris – the first or second time? Since any and all terrorist attacks, beheadings, burning alive of prisoners? Aren’t we always united in opposing such actions?

That’s not the problem. The problem is, without American leadership, we’re also united in impotence when it comes to doing anything about it.

What is the point of standing united if all you do is stand? How many punches must the world take before it hits back?

ISIS is not the JV team; the West is. The West is sitting on the sidelines hoping words will mystically appear that will convince people who believe exploding themselves in an airport or training prepubescent children to saw the head off another human being that their way of life is wrong. Death is their goal. They simply hope to take as many people as possible with them. And paradise awaits.

There is no rational thought behind that; no reason will change it. They are termites on the soul of humanity and must be exterminated.”

Other show topics:

  1. Bosch” – Amazon has done an AMAZING job bringing the second season of Michael Connelly’s literary character to life.
  2. Deadpool” – An EXTREMELY R-rated Marvel super hero movie. That I LOVED. Friend-of-show Christian Toto wrote a review of it – and said it totally delivered on its premise but definitely has some shortcomings.
  3. Donald Trump’s Twitter feed from the weekend has feel that’s equal parts “1984Newspeak and a punking of the American people:

  4. California has MULTIPLE $15 minimum wage increase efforts going – in the legislature and for the general election ballot this fall. And they’re all guilty of being utterly stupid and, if passed, will harm the economy and those that the changes are intended to help.

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