3.3.16 – More Super Tuesday Fallout and HausGuest James Patrick Riley

Apologies upfront: once again, Donald Trump was a topic discussed during the show. *sigh*

Other than that, a VERY good show with a great guest.

Listen to the show here:

James Patrick Riley filled the second half of the show with thoughts on how important history is to evaluating issues confronting the nation today. And he started on a very positive and hopeful note: we are living in the VERY best of times.

If you live in or are going to be traveling to Southern California, I strongly recommend a visit to Riley’s Farm. And to take a look at this fantastic trailer for one of the ColonyBay.TV shows he produces:

Show topics:

  1. “Better Call Saul” review – my fave online reviewer is Alan Sepinwall; if you watch the show, Alan’s insights and comments are spot-on.
  2. The divided GOP – EVERYONE is angry and upset. My two recent articles have yielded LOTS of blowback:
    Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.52.18 AM

    Via HausRules

    Via Independent Journal Review

  3. Forbes cut Donald Trump’s own wealth estimate by over 50%
  4. Ben Carson is OUT and there is LOTS of conjecture about who he may or may not support
  5. Lindsey Graham endorsed Ted Cruz
  6. More Hillary trouble – the guy who set up her server just signed an immunity agreement with the FBI and DOJ

Thank you for listening and reading!

Tomorrow’s guests: Mark Tapson of Truth Revolt and an “Ask the Counselor” with Dan Chambers

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