3.31.16 – More on Parental Alienation, 2 Trump Fails, and HausGuest Evan Sayet

The response to my discussion with Eric Farris yesterday about parental alienation has been significant – perhaps more than on any other topic since the show began. Clearly, this is a major (and awful) issue in a great many people’s lives. So I began the show talking about it a bit more.

Listen to the entire show here:

My HausGuest was Evan Sayet and, as expected, he totally hit it out of the park. As I said in the intro, he’s a radio host’s dream.

Firstly, go buy and read Evan’s book:Kindergarden of Eden

Then follow him on Twitter – @EvanSayet

Evan and I started the segment talking about Obama’s response to the Brussels attacks (doing the wave in Cuba at a baseball game!) and how everyone of his responses to similar situations are explicitly planned and calculated.

We concluded talking about the Presidential election and why he is NOT on board with the #NeverTrump movement – there is a possibility that Donald won’t be as much of a destructive leftist as a Democrat President and therefore he’d be the better choice. And a “voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil” approach – which would then involve voting for a guaranteed non-winner – will result in victory for an even great evil.

Very hard to argue with that.

Other topics:

  1. My favorite meme of the day:Fave meme
  2. Trump just proved that he has NO idea what the Supreme Court does:
  3. Ben Carson gave a pitiful justification for Trump’s idiotic comments on abortion: “I don’t believe that he was warned that that question was coming, and I don’t think he really had a chance to really think about it. That happens very frequently.”
  4. Ian Tuttle’s response in National Review Online to Trump’s comments was PERFECT: “So we should stop trying. Stop trying to convince Trump supporters that he’s contradicting himself. Stop trying to show that Trump’s solutions won’t work. Stop treating Trump’s policies as serious contributions to the hopper of policy ideas — because they’re not.”
  5. Capitalism: the “no-tipping” movement, new Labor Department rules for businesses regarding unions, and Drudge’s stupid attempt to support Trump’s tariff plans.

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