3.4.16 – The Fox–Trump Meltdown, ‘Ask the Counselor,’ and HausGuest Mark Tapson

To due some unavoidable scheduling mishaps, today’s show was prerecorded Thursday night and then published Friday morning. So, many apologies to those whose chats and Tweets mid-show were missed.

Listen to the show here:

My regular “Ask The Counselor” guest Dan Chambers and I discussed three things:

  1. The importance of this:Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.34.08 PM
  2. Obama’s VERY interesting potential SCOTUS choice
  3. Kansas Supreme Court ruling on a DUI test requirement was a VERY interesting case

My return guest Mark Tapson, filling the second half of the show. As expected with Mark, the clock ran out well before either of us were ready. Well, at least I wasn’t ready. He may have been wanting to get the hell of the phone with me.

We discussed the fantastic good-news story from South Carolina and his thoughts on a recent PBS documentary about the Black Panthers.

I opened the show talking about the debate.

  1. Which opened with this stunningly low-brow comment from The Donald:
  2. But had this high point (which will have NO effect on the Trumpaloompas) from Ted Cruz:

Thank you for reading and listening!

Monday’s HausGuest: Allen Ginzburg (AG_Conservative on Twitter)

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