4.14.16 – Kobe, Bernie, CA’s Delegate Details, and Michael Loftus

60 points in his final game – after 20 seasons. Big time high-profile finish for Kobe. I’ve had a handful of interactions with him here in Newport and I shared a couple of them. And even recollections of watching his dad, playing for the Clippers in San Diego, a million years ago.

Listen to the entire show here:

Note – if you were listening live this morning, there were some technical difficulties and those have been edited OUT of the archived show.

My HausGuest today was comedian, writer, and television producer Michael Loftus.

If you haven’t seen his show “The Flipside,” a conservative version of The Daily Show, here’s a teaser:

It was a LIGHTNING-QUICK segment and you’ll agree with me that he is a GREAT guest!

Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter (@FlipsideLoftus).

Other topics:

  1. Stupidest Tweet of the week via Bernie Sanders

  2. California’s 173 delegates are now a HUGE big deal and Cruz is WAY ahead of the gamesilver-trumproad-22016.74

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