4.15.16 – #DemDebate Circus and Stephen L. (@RedSteeze) Miller – with Dan Chambers

Before getting to whatever else is happening, these were the two most trending topics in the country when the show started:

  1. Michael Bublè doesn’t know how to eat corn on the cob:Buble
  2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen posted their first official selfie:

    First public selfie ever 😕 😜 @ElizandJames #SephoraTakeover

    A photo posted by Sephora (@sephora) on

Here’s the show:

My guest today was commentator and writer Stephen L. Miller (NO, he’s not the Trump campaign guy nor is the 70s rock icon).

Our conversation was focused on 3 different topics:

  1. Properly understanding Donald Trump’s political persona in the context of his back-in-the-day involvement in pro wrestling:Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.41.11 PM
  2. Old-Timey conservative media’s dying-breath support of the Trump phenomena (calling out Hannity, Ingraham, and Limbaugh).
  3. Miller just got a puppy:French bulldog puppy

As I fully expected, he was the PERFECT guest and we quickly and easily ran out of time.

Other topics:

  1. “Ask the Counselor” with Dan Chambers – we talked “The People Vs OJ Simpson” and the broader topic of jury nullification
  2. Marco Rubio is NOT endorsing Ted Cruz but seems to be carefully holding onto his delegates to actively deny Trump from gaining ground (#Good)
  3. #DemDebate – it was a raucous affair (surprising in that both oldsters were able to scream and yell without reaching for their oxygen tanks or having to take a nap)
  4. My summary of it:

  5. A better summary by Gary Kasparov:

  6. My video clip of the most interesting (and mind-exploding) moments (although I could only make it through the first hour), which I played a portion of and then gave my thoughts:

Thank you so much for reading and listening!

I’ll be back bright and early on Monday morning!

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