4.18.16 – Tax Day, NY Newspaper Endorsements, Geo Clooney, and Ann-Marie Murrell

Obviously, the most important news item from over the weekend and the one on which I opened the show was that Amber Heard, Mrs. Johnny Depp, only owed a fine after illegally bringing her doggies into Australia. She could’ve gone to jail!!!

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I also talked about a bunch of other stuff and had a GREAT guest. Listen to the show here:

Ann-Marie Murrell, CEO of The Politichicks, was today’s HausGuest. As a return guest, I was certain that she would be fantastic.

And she was.

Most of our conversation centered around one of the unique aspects of this election season: The threat to friendships (or destruction of them) due to passionate endorsement/loathing of one particular candidate or another.

She shared some advice – based upon her real-life experience as a strong supporter of Ted Cruz – on how to maintain relationships despite deeply-felt disagreements on candidates and issues.

Ted n AM AM and Ted

Most people have experience of this type of thing across party or ideological lines, but the H-Rod/Bernie or Trump/Cruz/et al. rifts seem fairly unique and can be extraordinarily contentious.

Other topics:

  1. Ludwig Von Mises’ 9 best anti-tax quotes
  2. George Clooney had a HUGE fundraiser at him Los Angeles-area home, but really wants money out of politics altogether.
  3. A Bernie supporter, who lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Clooney, held a $27 per-person fundraiser and had attendees shower Hillary’s car with $1 bills

  4. Verizon CEO penned a response to Bernie’s brutal attack of the company during last week’s #DemDebate
  5. New York Post Trump endorsement VS the Cruz endorsement by the New York Sun
  6. Cruz just swept Wyoming’s Republican convention – getting ALL 14 delegates

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