4.22.16 – Earth Day, Prince, Trump’s Bathroom Mistake, College Loans, and Dan Bongino

Obviously: Happy happy anti-capitalism Earth Day!!!

Today’s weekend-show was a GREAT one with two EXCELLENT guests – listen to it here:

I had TWO guests today:

First up was Dave Coen from College Planning America.

Dave and I discussed his recent blog-post about the loan-forgiveness program that the government has for college grads who go to work for government. As you can imagine, the devil is in the details and there are SEVERAL devils in this one.Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.23.46 AM

If you’ve a kiddo in college or one planning to go to college in the future, you need to call Dave to figure out the various financial implications that must be considered!

Next up was the great Dan Bongino.

Dan and I did NOT discuss his great book, which is a must-read:The Fight

We DID discuss Bernie Sander’s (and the left’s) hypocrisy on income and lifestyle:Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.36.44 PM

We also talked about the now-important issue of electoral rules and procedures. As Dan has run for office twice, he’s particularly situated to have insight on the topic. He definitely shed some light on what has now become a huge controversy.

Other topics:

  1. RIP Prince
  2. He wrote some HUGE songs that were performed by others
  3. Chris Cornell (my fave) did a GREAT cover of Nothing Compares to You:
  4. Hollywood secret conservative group – Friends of Abe – is disbanding
  5. Donald Trump’s statement on the NC transgender bathroom law: One should go into the bathroom that they feel is “appropriate.”

Thank you for listening and reading! Have a great weekend.

Monday’s guest: IRS/Cybersecurity analyst Michael DaughertyDaugherty book

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