4.26.16 – Primary Preview, Oregon Bakery, Racism, and HausGuest David Horowitz

First off, this is a pic of the leopard at the San Diego Zoo I watched over the weekend (pic taken last year at the same place):SDZoo leopard

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Today’s HausGuest was David Horowitz, one the best-known defenders of liberty and freedom on the world scene today.

The bulk of our discussion centered around his new book, Progressive Racism, that was released today:Progressive Racism

Here’s the summary of the book:

Progressive Racism is about the transformation of the civil rights movement from a cause opposing racism—the denigration of individuals on the basis of their skin color – into a movement endorsing race preferences and privileges for select groups based on their skin color. It describes the tragic changes of this cause under the leadership of racial extortionists like Al Sharpton, who took a movement in support of American pluralism and turned it into a movement governed by a lynch mob mentality in which white Americans are regarded as guilty before the fact and African-Americans are regarded as innocent even when the facts prove them guilty, even when their crimes are committed against other African-Americans.”

Obviously, it was a launching point for a VERY serious and interesting discussion.

We also referenced his interaction with a Muslim Students Association representative at UCSD:

Here’s the isolated interview segment with David:

Other topics:

  1. Feel-good story of the day: a concealed carrying Circle K customer shot and killed a gun-wielding ex-felon
  2. The Oregon bakers that were fined for refusing to cater a gay wedding just sued for violation of civil rights: freedom of speech and due process.
  3. Trump’s got to win BIG to be able to get to 1,237 and each of today’s 5 states has their own rules for its delegates
  4. He just broke the 50% support barrier according to one national poll
  5. Ted Cruz deftly answered a question from a H-Rod supporter at Fox’s town hall

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Wednesday’s HausGuest: T. Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner

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