4.4.16 – ‘Walking Dead,’ ObamacareFail, PowerballFail, and HausGuest Michelle Ray

TONS of stuff to talk about and only a FRACTION of them were addressed. Apologies in ADVANCE!

Listen to the entire show here:

Today’s HausGuest was Michelle Ray and her two segments were exactly as expected: perfect. Of course, we ran out of time and didn’t get to everything that we’d planned to talk about.

We talked about (1) How the Trump phenomena has impacted our social media and real life friendships, as well as how it’s caused former critics of Obama’s Cult of Personality to utterly abandon those principles and positions and (2) How and Why the Libertarian Party deserves attention – perhaps more than every before.

We only were able to mention in passing #TheChalkening that was trending over the past few days, which was primarily in response to Emory University’s precious flowers being negatively impacted by seeing “Trump 2016” written around the campus in chalk.

I’m sure that after listening to Michelle, you’ll agree that she is worthy of yet another return-visit request.

Other topics:

  1. I spent the weekend binging “The Walking Dead,” as those who are up to speed watched the season finale on Sunday night.
  2. Scottie Nell Hughes just became a household name because SNL’s open mocked the HELL out of her Trumpaloompaism:
  3. Someone in Wisconsin bought a lottery ticket that ended up being worth $1,000,000 – but it was never turned in and the winnings were turned over to the state.
  4. The Congressional Budget Office just revised its forecasts of Obamacare’s performance – and (surprise, surprise) it’s doing awfully.
  5. A National Institutes of Health official in Britain died – because they couldn’t get the surgery that they needed

Thank you for reading and listening!

Tomorrow’s HausGuest: Elaina Plott of National Review

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