5.12.16 – More Admin Nonsense on Iran, More TrumpFail, and Matthew Burke of ‘The Politistick’

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HausGuest – Matthew Burke

Matthew runs The Politistick and The Liberty Daily websites – two sources of news and commentary that I go to EVERY day. He’s also one helluva great guy.

We discussed this recent article about Facebook and his direct and VERY disappointing experience with buying ads and boosting posts with the site:Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.33.38 AM

We did agree that the potential Congressional investigation into Facebook’s practices is totally unwarranted.

We also talked about Paul Ryan’s meeting with Trump (which has now already occurred and seemed to have resulted in a love fest) and Matthew’s firm #NeverTrump position. Lastly, we agreed that the ideal platform for a politician would be to promise to get things UNDONE, as opposed to DONE; in other words, reducing Federal involvement in our lives and removing laws/restrictions instead of adding more.

Other topics:

  1. Larry Ellison just gave $200 million to USC to fund a cancer research center
  2. The State Department edited out a portion of a press conference with Jen Psaki and James Rosen – to further their false narrative over the Iran nuke deal:
  3. Donald Trump backed away from 2 more campaign promises: barring Muslims from ending the country and going hard after Hillary Clinton
  4. Mitt Romney’s criticism over Trump’s not releasing his tax returns is RIGHT ON (regardless of whether you’re a fan of Romney or not)
  5. I’m bummed to miss tonight’s opening in Philly of the play “Ballad of Trayvon Martin

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