5.13.16 – Transgender Bathrooms, The Americans, ‘Ask the Counselor,’ and Kira Davis

This could have EASILY been a MUCH longer show. Two rockstar guests with TONS of wisdom and wit made it SUPERB.

Listen to the entire show here:

Ask the Counselor

Dan Chambers and I were going to discuss the Grim Sleeper verdict and the OJ venue choice (moving the trial from Santa Monica to downtown) but we got to NEITHER of these.

Instead, we talked about the various legal aspects of the transgender bathroom controversy. Given that Dan and I both have 3 daughters, we talked about the safety concerns as well.

These segments are SO good, I need to see if he’ll accept an increased retainer to maybe make them a weekly thing?

HausGuest Kira Davis

If you don’t know Kira, it only will take a few minutes of listening to this segment to conclude that Kira is not only delightful but is also razor sharp, as well.

We spent the bulk of the time talking about the Presidential campaign and Donald Trump. Obviously, there was a lot to discuss. We primarily focused on the issues raised in her PERFECT op/ed about how she (just as I) go back and forth multiple times a day on whether or not she’ll end up voting for him:Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.08.04 PM

We also talked a little culture and entertainment at the end, with Kira talking about her latest project, Phantom Sway:Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.35.09 AM

I cannot WAIT to have her back on!

Other Topics

  1. The Obama administration just decreed that schools MUST allow transgender bathroom use
  2. Bruce/Caitlin may be reversing course
  3. Wednesday night’s episode of The Americans was AMAZING – Alan Sepinwall’s review is particularly good. For me, totally remembering watching “The Day After” back in 1983, I also remember the political context: Ronald Reagan is a wacko extremist cowboy and he’s going to cause THE END OF THE WORLD!

Thank you for reading and listening!

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