5.18.16 – OR & KY Primaries, Constitutional Sound Bite, and Bre Payton of ‘The Federalist’

The BEST parts of my show are usually the HausGuest segments – and we had TWO perfect ones today. Listen to the entire show here:

Constitutional Sound Bite – David Shestokas

For today’s sound bite, David and I talked about the 13 years between the Revolutionary War and the Constitutional Convention – the Articles of Confederation were NOT sufficient and everyone knew something else was needed.

Interesting point: a government with 3 different branches, all with separated powers, had been discussed philosophically for hundreds of years, but had never EVER before put into practice.

Listen to the isolated segment here:
And buy the book here:Constitutional Sound Bite

We’ll be back with another episode next Wednesday!

HausGuest – Bre Payton

Bre is a staff writer for The Federalist and she’s FANTASTIC.

After a bit of discussion about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, we talked about the HILARIOUS/AWFUL story of Jane Sanders’ failed Burlington College:Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 5.14.00 PM

We concluded by talking about Obama’s speech writer Jon Favreau (NOT the director) and his whining about Senator Tom Cotten’s comments about the WEAKNESS of the administration’s foreign policy team:Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 5.13.52 PM

Favreau’s response clearly had the opposite effect of what he intended – because he totally proved that Cotton was right.

Other topics:

  1. Primary update: Hillary and Bernie split OR & KY, while Donald Trump was the BIG winner (of a one-person race)
  2. A new tourist destination in Hollywood: The Museum of Broken Relationships

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