5.31 – H-Rod Fail, Bernie Fail, Bank Robber Fail, and Dr. Jerome Corsi

Lots of funny failure stories today AND a great guest!

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HausGuest – Dr. Jerome Corsi

As an AVID devotee of Dennis Miller’s late-great radio show, Dr. Corsi’s segments were among my favorite. When Christian told me that he’d arranged for Corsi to come on the show, I was THRILLED. As an homage, I played the Lost In Space theme that Dennis would use!

We primarily discussed a big weakness of the Trump campaign: no micro-targeting political ground game. It was inspired by the article Dr. Corsi published yesterday:Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.26.30 AM

We also talked about Hillary Clinton and her MYRIAD scandals and utter corruption. Dr. Corsi has a must-order-now book coming out about her and Bill’s Clinton Inc:Partners In Crime

As expected, Dr. Corsi was a GREAT guest and he will definitely be back soon!

Other topics:

  1. Rob Lowe got some massive blowback AND cheers for this tweet:

  2. Bank robber fail (he loaded his gun with the wrong bullets and was shot and killed by a hero off-duty policeman/security guard)
  3. Hillary fail (she tweeted about Memorial Day and the Benghazi-related pushback was fast and furious):

  4. Dianne Feinstein fail (she explained Hillary’s private email server as an attempt to preserve privacy and email friends and family without being closely monitored)
  5. Oberlin College student fail (1,300 students have signed a petition to set a grade floor of C – they’ve got too much social justice activism on their plates to be punished for insufficiently studying)
  6. Socialists fail (Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover attended the NBA playoff game together)

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