5.9.16 – Austin Says Bye to Uber & Lyft, Another Trump Fail, and HausGuest Michael Ramirez

After a big full weekend (I love you mom!), Sunday night included a drive through the Hollywood Hills scouting out the home used in the Amazon t.v. show “Bosch,” based on Michael Connelly’s novels. The house is amazing and the views unparalleled:

Bosch house from the side.

Bosch house from the bottom.

From the bottom.

Bosch House Front Door

Front door.

Bosch House View

The AMAZING multi-million dollar view.

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Today’s HausGuest was Michael Ramirez, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist. Not only is he the most gifted political artist in America today, he is also an extremely skilled communicator about conservative values and the political scene.

We talked politics. Specifically, we talked Donald Trump.

Because Michael was making SO MUCH sense and had SO MUCH to offer, we went over time — so consider this extra-long show to be a BONUS!!!

He mentioned his recent Facebook post about the election – and you can read more HERE.

He also just published this and it perfectly encapsulates the Presidential election:Ramirez Toon

As you can imagine,  I would’ve loved to continue the conversation even longer, but the clock wouldn’t allow it.

Other topics:

  1. Study shows the REAL reason some people end up with way more attractive partners

    Hausam and Jacobson

    Anecdotal proof of the truth of the study.

  2. Austin, TX to Uber & Lyft: You’re NOT welcome here!UberProtest1
  3. Trump fail: Marco Rubio did NOT talk to him on the phone nor agree to be his V.P.

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