6.10 – CA Quake, “Ask the Counselor,” and Victor Davis Hanson

The 5.1 quake south of Palm Springs had SoCal rockin’ and rollin’ (and Twitter buzzing) early Friday morning, but it had no real impact.socal_quake_061016

This is best expressed by this GRASP for a news angle:

Today’s show was SO VERY GOOD – due entirely to two superb HausGuest segments. Listen to the show here:

“Ask the Counselor” with Dan Chambers

Dan and I discussed two topics this morning – both of which could’ve used a LOT more time.

  1. 9th Circuit Appellate Court 2nd Amendment decision: Americans do NOT have the right to concealed carry in public.Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.43.51 AM
  2. Physician-assisted suicide is legal in four few states and illegal everywhere else. California’s new law permitting the practice went into effect TODAY.

It is SO great to have a go-to source to explain these sorts of legal issues in understandable English.

HausGuest – Victor Davis Hanson

The bulk of today’s discussion with the great VDH was about race and culture – and the impact of tribalism on the country.

The launch point was Victor explaining why he updated and revised a book he wrote over a decade ago:Vic

It was VERY much the point of his most-recent Townhall column:Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.34.18 PM

The final sentence of the column:

“We should remember that diversity is an ornament, but unity is our strength.”

Bottom line: part of the Trump phenomena is a reaction to the race-based leftist group-think ideas and policies that have been dominate over the past 50+ years. People are SICK of it. Rather than integration and assimilation becoming a goal, identity politics as a way to accrue benefits/power and address (oftentimes entirely fictional) grievances has – for now – won the battle.

Victor’s concern – that the war will result in actual war between racial divides, as seen in the Middle East and vast parts of Africa.

Other Topics

  1. The National Enquirer said that Richard Simmons is transitioning. His rep says that’s not true. I’ll keep updating the story as needed.
  2. Vanderbilt University just added transgender surgeries to its student health plan
  3. Roseanne Barr is on the Trump Train

Thank you for reading and listening! Have a great weekend!

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