6.13 – Record Federal Revenue Haul, Orlando, and Ben Howe

Of course, he did NOT mention Islam...

To be crystal clear right up front: It was an Islamist Jihadist that attacked Orlando and it’s his responsibility, not the Christian Right, guns, homophobia, or a failure of Americans to properly demonstrate their values or adequately look inward.

Here’s today’s week-beginning show:

HausGuest – Ben Howe

Due to his consistent #NeverTrump position, Ben has become a regular go-to guy for multiple news outlets wishing to examine that perspective. As a result, he’s now one of the most hated men in America (see a short summary here).

Before we got to discussing politics, we took a quick detour to talk about his experience being on the set for The Patriot 16 years ago:HowePatriot

Obviously, this is proof of his anti-Americanism.

We then talked about Donald Trump and the future of conservatism and the Republican Party. Ben’s hopeful-ish…

Other Topics

  1. Microsoft is going to write a $26 billion check for LinkedIn. It still won’t induce me to pay it one second’s attention…
  2. Congratulations, America – you sent the Fed Govt a record $2.14 trillion over the last 8 months ($6.1 million per minute). But the Feds spent that plus another $407 billion ($1.1 million per minute).
  3. There are a handful of VERY interesting things we know about the Orlando shooter
  4. President Obama’s response – not mentioning Islam AND encouraging us to not give in to fear – was AWFUL
  5. Trump’s official response was mostly great (even though it was certainly written for him):Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.00.50 AM
  6. Of course, the ACLU blamed Christian anti-gay sentiment
  7. And in an amazing display of courage and conviction, the cast of Hamilton did not use muskets during its Tony Awards segment

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