6.15 – Islam, “Constitutional Sound Bytes,” and David Boaz of The Cato Institute

Another GREAT show due to two GREAT guests:

Constitutional Sound Bites with David Shestokas

The key topics today were the critical nature of God-granted rights (as opposed to being granted by government) and the 10th Amendment (a feature of the separation of powers in that states retain powers not specifically granted to the Federal government).

Listen to the isolated segment here:
Also, David is going to be giving a talk at the Heartland Institute in one week. Details are here:Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.11.57 AM

HausGuest – David Boaz

The core discussion with David, the Executive Vice President of The Cato Institute, was about liberty and freedom. Libertarianism is a simple philosophy: people should be able to do whatever it is they want, provided it doesn’t impact others from doing the same.


How wonderful of a concept is that?

The essential ideas are perfectly explained in David’s recent book (I’ve been listening to the excellent audio version):LIBERTARIAN MIND Jacket

I strongly encourage you to buy it and read it – but I won’t force you nor elect someone to legislatively coerce you to do so.

We also talked about the economic and political consequences of a lack of freedom and liberty, regardless of the stated intentions, best exemplified today by the nightmare that is Venezuela:Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.36.01 PM

Other Topics

  1. The President scolded us and poorly explained why he won’t use the phrase “Islamic Terrorism” – and it was total nonsense, fully utilizing a straw man argument which he then demolished.
  2. Bibi Netanyahu, on the other hand, gave a perfect statement about the Orlando shooting
  3. A Planned Parenthood office gave its own nonsense explanation of the shooting:Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.05.36 PM
  4. Over half of all UK Muslims think homosexuality should be formally outlawed
  5. In Texas, a Somali Muslim tried to shoot up and take captives at a Walmart – he was killed in the process

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