6.22 – CA Nuclear Idiocy, Constitutional Sound Bite, and Gun Rights Defender Larry Pratt

I started out the show with the best dad story of the week. Josh Marshall got a tattoo on his head to match his 8-year old son’s cancer surgery scar:Tattoo

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Constitutional Sound Bites – David Shestokas

David will be speaking tonight at the Heartland Institute in Arlington Heights, IL. If you’re close by, definitely drop by!

Today we spoke about the recent SCOTUS 4th Amendment decision, the new South Carolina Founding Principles Act, Gouverneur Morris’ tremendous influence on the framing and writing of the Constitution, and more.

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HausGuest – Larry Pratt

As Executive Director Emeritus of the Gun Owners of America, Larry is the PERFECT guy to have a conversation with about the recent Senate gun law vote and the state of the 2nd amendment in America.

Here are the details about what the Senate rejected (note: NONE of which would have done ANYTHING to stop the Orlando shooting — or any of the other mass shootings that have occurred in the last decade or two):Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.49.15 PM We also talked about the ABSURDITY of articles like this from Vox, that TOTALLY misrepresents so-called “assault rifles”:Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.13.58 AM

We concluded talking about how reducing/eliminating “Gun Free Zones” — which are essentially advertisements for the evil deranged that say “Unarmed People Here” — is the only serious way to eliminate or significantly discourage mass shootings.gunfree-zone-criminals

Other Topics

  1. While Southern California is experience REALLY high temperatures AND rolling black outs due to power shortages, PG&E announced that it will be mothballing the only active nuclear power station in the state (which is currently responsible for 9% of the state’s electric power).
  2. Paramount just announced a second Jack Reacher movie and I am STOKED:
  3. Amazon customers were issued a credit as part of a class-action settlement from Apple over iBooks. I received $1.57 in my Amazon Prime account yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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