7.26 – #DNCinPHL and Journalist Elisha Maldonado

Big goings on in Philadelphia and lots to talk (and laugh!) about. Listen to the entire show here:

HausGuest – Elisha Maldonado

A long-time friend of show-fave Jillian Melchior, Elisha is an expert on Turkey (NOT the fowl, smartasses).

Having VERY little knowledge about the history of the country, the nature of its complicated relationship with the United States, and the details surrounding the recent coup attempt, I GREATLY benefited from Elisha’s insight and commentary.

Starting out with her correcting my pronunciation of Erdogan’s name (ER-do-Wan), hers was a fantastic HausGuest segment.

Other Topics

  1. Bernie supporters were OPENLY WEEPING during his speech
  2. And his wife whispered into his ear over a hot mic
  3. Fauxcahontas had to give her speech over the top of shouting protestors:

  4. The 6 union leaders who spoke earn a combined $2.3 million
  5. Hank Johnson (D-GA) compares Jewish settlers in “disputed” territories to termites. And he’s the genius that asked perhaps the stupidest question in the history of Congress:

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Independent Journal Review JUST published my latest piece on Milo Yiannopoulos:Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.30.04 AM

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