7.5 – Independence Day, Hillary, and Ariana Rowlands of UCI’s GOP Club

I started the show reading this moving and wonderful tribute to liberty from my good friend Boris Zelkin:

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HausGuest – Ariana Rowlands

Ariana is the President of the University of California Irvine Campus Republican club and is a TOTAL spitfire.

She has been at the center of a firestorm in recent days for the following:

  1. Inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus as part of his “Dangerous Faggot Tour”
  2. Telling the administration of the school that has invited him back this Fall
  3. NOT formally appealing the school’s decision to suspend the club’s activities

She is now going to be going directly to the UC Regents to request a formal approval of a freedom of speech endorsement for all UC campuses.

Read more about the various details on the above HERE.

Other Topics

  1. Wikileaks published more than 1,000 of Hillary’s unreleased war-time emails
  2. On Saturday, Hillary spent 3 1/2 hours at the FBI J. Edgar Hoover building with 5 lawyers, answering questions
  3. In insider said Bill’s meeting with Loretta Lynch was NOT accidental
  4. Huma Abedin admits that H-Rod BURNED records of her calendar
  5. IMMEDIATELY following the show, FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to give a press conference… (99.9999999% chance of NO criminal referral per Jason Blair…)

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