7.8 – Dallas and HausGuests Attorney Dan Chambers and Author Gary Byrne

I opened the show reading this spot-on heartfelt Facebook post from a listener and retired police officer – it’s perfect:

My brother and sister officers across this country are targeted every day. Tonight, 11 officers were shot, six officers were murdered, five of those officers were from Dallas PD and one was from DART PD.

Did you see how the cops were shielding those that were protesting against them? Did you see how, when the shooting started, the cops literally protected the protestors with their own lives? Did you see how those cops who were being told how racist, violent and bigoted they are, laid their own bodies as shields over the protestors? Did you see how the cops rescued the protestors and brought them to safety? Did you see how the cops moved the protestors toward safety and the cops ran toward the gunfire?

Did anyone see those cops indiscriminately shoot the protestors? No, because the cops are not indiscriminate killers. Did you see the cops pick out minorities and shield themselves behind the minorities? No, because those cops are heroes. Did you see those cops overreact and just shoot into the crowd because the cops overreact and just start shooting the instant they encounter the tiniest threat?

Did you see those cops using “gestapo” tactics and overly militarized equipment? Did you see cops that must be “reigned in” by the DOJ, the Federal Government and watchdog groups? Did you see cops that as Obama as said “acted stupidly”? Did you see those cops, as Obama has said “not treating people fairly”?

Obama has said “It is particularly important for people to feel like they’re being treated fairly by law enforcement and police, because the consequences when they’re not treated fairly can be deadly.”

So I ask, were the cops that got killed and the ones that got wounded “treated fairly”? Did they treat the protestors fairly?

He has also said time and time again that police need to adopt a bias free system of law enforcement.
So I ask, did you see biased police out there in Dallas tonight? No, you did not see biased police who need the Obama telling them they need to change their racist ways.

Tonight you saw cops reacting to a lethal situation, reacting from training, instinct and habit. If there was ever a time the alleged systemic racism would have shown up en masse it would have been when police were forced to react to a situation like this. Yet, what you saw was professional, effective, compassionate heroes willing to lay down their lives for the very people that were protesting and accusing them of racism. The actions of the Dallas PD and any other agency that was on the ground speak for themselves. The actions of these heroes speak louder than any protest. The actions of these heroic officers spoke far more accurately and louder indeed than President Obama’s accusations and insinuations.

Listen to today’s POWERFUL show here:

Meet the Counselor – Dan Chambers

Last night’s shooting (and, to a lesser extent, the shootings in Baton Rouge and St. Paul) made impossible any other topic of discussion. Dan’s extensive experience as a prosector in South East Los Angeles and a criminal defense attorney throughout SoCal made him a fantastic guest with which to discuss various aspects of the stories.

Both of us began the segment in a pretty negative space, about the events in particular and state of the country in general, but that certainly didn’t keep us from having a VERY interesting and meaningful discussion.

HausGuest – Gary Byrne

Before we got to discussing Gary’s new book, as he has 30+ years law enforcement experience, I HAD to ask for his insight and opinion on last night’s shooting. As expected, his response was heartfelt and wise.

We also briefly discussed the officer-involved shootings in LA and MN. Acknowledging that he has not been following these stories as closely, he made a VERY important point: short videos RARELY show the entire context of an event and drawing conclusions from them, in advance of the entire story being told, is a recipe for disaster.

We concluded by talking about his new book, his reasons for writing it, and a couple of snapshot experiences of his working security detail in the Clinton White House. Short summary: he was NOT a fan of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Buy the book here:Crisis of Character

As with any terrific guest, my only regret about the segment is that it couldn’t be MUCH MUCH longer.

Other Topics

  1. Obama’s response to the Dallas shootings included… (wait for it)… more calls for gun control
  2. Obama’s response (early on Thursday) to the LA and MN shootings included these facts that strongly imply that blacks and hispanics are being treated unfairly by the justice system (and that anger at law enforcement and the justice system are therefore justified:

    “Last year, African Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites. African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites; African American defendants are 75% more likely to be charged with offenses commanding mandatory minimums. If you add it all up, the African American and Hispanic pop [sic], who make up only 30% of the general population, make up half of the incarcerated population.”

  3. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) grilled James Comey over Hillary’s non-prosecution:
  4. So did Trey Gowdy (R-SC):

Thank you for reading and listening!

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