8.15 – Milwaukee, Louisiana Flooding, Usain Bolt, and HausGuest Dan Joseph

After a weekend with a dozen friends in Vegas, wherein I spent little-to-no time following current events (for the first time in FOREVER), this was a VERY fun way to start the broadcast week:

HausGuest – Dan Joseph

Dan and I talked polling and Donald Trump, for the most part.

The context was this video asserting that social media followers are a far better determinant for Trump’s support than actual polling:

I referenced this article about polling – which should help clarify those tempted to be distracted by the “polling is rigged!” assertion: Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.27.01 AM

Trump cannot go one day without saying something amazingly stupid (and VERY concerning): Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.35.58 AM

I closed by mentioning Dan’s SUPER gorgeous girlfriend. Just look at this:Dan Joseph

Other Topics

      1. Usain Bolt KILLED and the picture taken is AWESOME.
      2. The flooding in Louisiana is BRUTAL.
      3. The riots and unrest in Milwaukee were addressed in a rational and truthful manner by Sheriff Clarke:
      4. I went with a dozen friends to Vegas this weekend:Michael Hausam Squash group Vegas
      5. We played squash Friday and Saturday:Michael Hausam Squash
      6. And I won $70 at the blackjack tables at the Bellagio:Michael Hausam Blackjack

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