8.19 – Dana Perino on Polling, #RaisetheWageFail, TrumpTV, and HausGuest Kevin Williamson

My main goal this morning was to avoid overt fanboying today’s HausGuest. You can tell me if I was successful:

HausGuest – Kevin Williamson

Early this morning someone responded to my announcement tweet with a comment that the #altright crazies will likely be going nuts in the chatroom during this segment (which they, fortunately, did NOT) and I quickly realized why someone would say that. I simply joined Kevin’s Twitter profile pic with mine – and realized that we could be mistaken for the Aryan Nation leadership team in cellblock A. I’m still laughing.

The first thing we talked about was the pic of John Brown that he’s got pinned at the top of his feed:

That lead to a broader discussion of the role of government in people’s lives and that people are not as liberty-minded as they like to pretend. Responsibility and consequences are HARD.

We then talked about how Kevin hasn’t voted in a decade and that led to an inevitable discussion about H-Rod and The Donald.

We did NOT get to any of the recent pieces he’s written that I wanted to ask him about:Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.20.10 PM

He was a GREAT guest and I certainly hope to have him back! Until then, I’ll continue to work hard to get him to follow me back on Twitter…

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